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Mobile metronome

Here you can find my latest product :-) METRONOME FOR CELL PHONES. Enjoy and support it if you can.


What you need is: Cell phone with JAVA support (J2ME/CLCD1.1/MIDP2.0) - almost every cell phone has it!

Some more info...

This app is optimized for 240x320 resolution but it should also look well on other displays like e.g. 176×220. I've tested it on Nokia 6300, Nokia 6650d (Symbian), SE k750i, SE w580i, SE c702, SE k550i and it works fine. I've also made some precision tests by recording this app on microphone and calculating the tempo on the waveform and it's 100% precise - as well as every other metronome on! If you can't hear any sound but app is working, try to change your phone profile to loud one or turn on all sounds - alert sounds, game sounds and so on.

How to install?

  1. Just point your cell phone browser to
  2. Select the link to download the application and follow further instructions.
  3. Application isn't certified, but don't worry. It won't hurt you :D

How to use?

  • Using left and right buttons you can increase and decrease tempo.
  • With number buttons you can quickly access different tempos. For example: you get tempo 90, 190, 290 BPM by pressing "9" button.
  • Using up and down buttons you can change metronome sound [this is unofficial feature :-)].

What next?

If you like this app then support my work, please. Hang the poster (see the FAQ), make a donation.


In here, please:

  • submit your CELL PHONE MODEL and write if it works fine with BestMetronome Mobile,
  • write here about problems if you've encountered any,
  • post your comment, opinion about BM Mobile, etc...