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What about Advanced Metronome version??
Hello there.

I can see "deadline soon" since last year.. so when Advanced version will be finally ready ?
kjoo89 on 1271931288 wrote:
This is the best thing that I've found on the net ;).Thanks man :D
BestMetronome on 1267300062 wrote:
GUEST on 1266886001 wrote:
GUEST on 1264517759 wrote:
I have been searching online for a metronome that automatically goes gradually faster and faster for practicing hanon warm-ups on piano. Maybe a metronome where you can type the initial bpm and the final bpm and the total time. You should keep that in mind as an idea for your future online metronomes which are great by the way. Or does it already exist?
GUEST on 1256052032 wrote:
gd software
GUEST on 1255581780 wrote:

I am a drummer and I like the idea of a metronome that can adjust in single digits up or down. I just found your metronome and find it helpful to determine the correct speed a tune is played at originally. I have discovered that a lot of recorded songs start out at one tempo and will gradually pick up tempo or slow down. Therefore on my sheet I will put a range of tempos and let the other guys decide where they want it to be. -Rick Vaughn
GUEST on 1247748374 wrote:
Very nice, I sure will use it. if you can make it more visual, like a big pulsing light that would be a great addition. a second line for ex. cymbals would also be great.
good job
BestMetronome on 1247081737 wrote:
Hi naturescall.

Please excuse for delay.
There was already some similar idea in "Suggestions" section, added by some "Jazz Guitarist from Australia" guy.

I have no much time now, but I'm thinking about adding tuplets in here.

Thank you very much for your post, and wait for
"what's new" section. There is no such section now.
But I'm going to make all these changes soon.

Cheers and best regards.
naturescall on 1246506666 wrote:
You should add all rhythms from eight notes to ninelets for people to hear what more advanced rhythms sound like so they may learn to play them on their own rather than waiting to seek help and also to help keep advanced players in time. And if it isn't too much to ask for maybe have some slots to write in numbers over numbers... for example [5]:[6] for even trickier rhythms.
BestMetronome on 1234807989 wrote:
Thank you for your post.
I'll think about that. Maybe I'll try to add some kick drum and/or hi-hat.
Jona on 1234805050 wrote:

I think that could be interesting if you add some drum sounds, like soundbox or something.

BestMetronomeCom on 1234487174 wrote:
Yes !!!

Finally ADVANCED metronome will be ready. This or at last next week.

Hope you enjoy this.