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advanced metronome problems
I was using the advanced metronome and it was working fine, untill I favorited a beat, and then is failed everytime it tried to load. I download the java program again, and I know it was installed properly and I changed my cookies to be more open but it still won't work, please help, I wrote a song in 5/4 time and this is the only metronome that is user friendly that can use that type of a time signature
GUEST on 1423937330 wrote:
I also have trouble with the advanced metronome!
When it worked about a year ago it was the BEST metronome ever, what has happened to it? So many people report that it asks to install Java and doesn't work after installation, so in my case.
Is there a possibility to fix this? I can't find any metronome like this anywhere else and i am getting frustrated, because it is so helpful (or used to be when it worked).
GUEST on 1421352255 wrote:
Mam taki sam problem, kiedyś korzystałem z metronomu bez problemu (chyba na win 7 i chrome/mozilli) Teraz nie działa, java zainstalowana i odblokowana. System win 8.1, przeglądarka chrome.
P.S. Metronom był rzeczywiście best i polecałem go znajomym, odczuwam stratę że nie działa. Pozdrawiam - Szymon
GUEST on 1308553554 wrote:
Hi There

I have been using the Advanced Metronome on and off for the past couple of years it is a brilliant tool. Thanks for making it available to the world.

I hadn't used it in a while and when I tried it last week it failed to load properly. Requesting I install the Java player which I already had installed and enabled.

Thinking that it might be an outdated version of the Java player I updated and tried again. Still no luck.
GUEST on 1300935238 wrote:
Where is the play button?
sarahbebright on 1299375812 wrote:
Hey, what's your name, are you automated, (if you are real, I was having same problems), hmmm, seriously, please see below--it failed to install, had to install it manually, et cetera--and then it still said install missing plug ins--however, you can use the accessible I think. Sincerely,
sarahbebright on 1299375693 wrote:
Hi, I am having the same problem, if understood correctly: I installed Java as requested correcly--first it said installation failed, it still worked though manually and then even non-manually, and used firefox browser, and use windows 7 starter, e-mail at (PS, it worked at least a year ago, so sorry, sorry :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((900000000) Thanks
BestMetronome on 1296159202 wrote:

1. What was the name of your rhythm?
2. What browser you are using (and operating system)?
3. Does Advanced Metronome plays other patterns or not at all?
4. Or maybe it shows "Failed" on red background?

Thanks for the report and stay in touch :-)