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Welcome all. It's a real pleasure that you are here. I'd like to say you all big HELLO WORLD. Thanks for comming.
SEkwall on 1287597453 wrote:
Hello :)
I am SO PLEASED to find this website. I was looking for a nice online metronome to show on a big screen in my music classes, and this one is perfect. I like that it looks just like a real world metronome, but it's BIG and as loud as I want to make it! It's like the Terminator of metronomes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
GUEST on 1267370652 wrote:
wow this is lame talking on a metronome website i mean like really???
brunoperon on 1266527787 wrote:

GUEST on 1266506547 wrote:
yo this isa the bet metromnoe ever it's totally off the hook i've been useing simple for a long time so i tri yor advance one man it's tight!

peace out

yo mama
Jennetta_Rose on 1265581009 wrote:
hi everyone!
Guasacaca on 1257453078 wrote:

I'm new here, and I'm quite excited. This is the most advanced metronome I've seen on the interwebz, now lets make it better!
GUEST on 1236603360 wrote:
Hi there,
Great job with the metronome. I have been using Simple for quite sometime now and it has never failed. I am looking forward to checking out the new ones. It's some really great job you've done, the best metronome online ever!
All the best,

Maciek Pysz
Audiomaniax on 1233938844 wrote:
Great greetings, but You aren't talkative ;D
ania on 1233412998 wrote:
mafalda on 1233341040 wrote:
Hi there.
nickyboum on 1233329529 wrote:
Hello all. Nicky Boum forever !!! :)