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Advanced Metronome Suggestion
When you click and hold the mouse on one of the arrows (< >) which increment/decrement tempo, the tempo should change continuously until the mouse button is released. Presently, the tempo only changes one BPM when the button is held down.

By the way, I love this metronome.
GUEST on 1390421629 wrote:
what I'd like to see is an A/B signature that you put in the values (tempo set in bbm) and then have the thing be able to play things like 11 notes, such as in a Chopin's first Nocturne, against 6 notes---with two different distinct sounds
at the same time.

This is what the piano world demands
GUEST on 1381416015 wrote:
Great job with this metronome keep up the great work! i would like to have more rythms like afrobeat for example. :D
GUEST on 1374797950 wrote:

Me gustaría que el metrónomo lo puedas programar para que después de cierto número de minutos aumente la velocidad.

Espero y tomen en cuenta mi sugerencia.

GUEST on 1337008330 wrote:
I suggest you to put two or three tempo lines, or even a grid on each so you can't make polyrhythms ex: 5 against 4.
You metronome it's great!!!
hsn10 on 1330194782 wrote:
In advanced metronome there is a beat counter. it starts from 1.1. for syncing with sheet its needed some time.
I suggest that it can optionally start at -2.1 providing enough time for me to get instrument.

After that i can check beat number in sheet and on metronome.
GUEST on 1329165128 wrote:
hi, czech translation is welcome. thx
Crazycolorz5 on 1329100676 wrote:
Triplet rhythm feature, possibly?
GUEST on 1320626040 wrote:
i need a metrenome with the capability to give me a 19/16 time signature my band goes from things like 10/8 straight into 5/4 and up to 19/16 at 160 bpm so yeh we're very prog influenced and i would very much like to have a metrenome to help me make my parts consistant
GUEST on 1319244579 wrote:
It would be great if you add a nice human voice (female )
GUEST on 1315166624 wrote:
how about adding toms and other cymbals. also 8th, 16th etc notes
Cernunnos on 1314109639 wrote:
javier on 1308933728 wrote:

Para el metrónomo avanzado, me gustaría que presentara una imágen de la aguja del metrónomo como referencia visual; Como si fuese un director de orquesta.
GUEST on 1305594857 wrote:
Hey, Best is a very good tool its awesome. But i got a suggestion for you :
a copy/past option would be welcome =) thnx
GUEST on 1304634309 wrote:
Thanks for putting this up online!
Here's the metronome feature I'm dreaming of: Set the desired bpm. Play into an external mike. The metronome reads the bpm played and displays that continuously, so the student can see how much faster or slower than the set bpm s/he is playing. I imagine this would only work for music with a strong, steady beat, but I can hope . . . .
Thanks again!
GUEST on 1299772241 wrote:
I was thinking the same thing. It'd be great if there were some compound time signatures like 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 since i use them a lot.
GUEST on 1297822232 wrote:
is there any possible way that there can be a 6/8 time siginiture beat
GUEST on 1291578009 wrote:
Great site man. I'd love to be able to export a beat as an MP3. So I could open it up in audacity and record over it.... and the whole high hat over the beat would be cool
GUEST on 1289971177 wrote:

I only wish you could double layer the sounds for the adv. metronome. A constant hi-hat would be great over the drum beat. I'm attending Musicians Institute & a lot of bass players have limited live rehersals (with the drummer keeping CONSTANT time).

Either way, just found this website, and I'm going to tell everyone I know/meet about it!!!!

Keep up the great work!
BestMetronome on 1289653981 wrote:

Thanks for your post. Few more sounds would be good. It's already on the wish list. Maybe, someday, I will ...

Editing the pattern in the middle of it is not possible with mouse, however you can do that with "edit" button.

GUEST on 1289595982 wrote:
Hey there guys. Thanks for the great metronome! i really like that it goes up to 900 B/M. It will be great tho if it would have a few more sounds.
another thing that it might be cool is if you want to change a sound in the middle of your already composed have to delete everything until that respective sound you want to changing the bass drum from the middle of your grove with a snare without having to delete everything until there would really save time.
BestMetronome on 1289566494 wrote:
Hi RogerWeb.

Just try Best Drum Trainer (
There is also link on the menubar, named "TEMPO TRAINER - Try it!"

I'm waiting for your feedback. :-)

RogerWeb on 1289352003 wrote:
I see several happy customers have suggested the incremental tempo And would like to see that myself - I use it with my string bass for getting difficult classical passages up to speed, With that in mind it would be nice if there were 3 fields for the BPM change:
1) number of beats to increase
2) number of measures in a cycle (or minutes in cycle)
3) number of cycles between increases

that way one could (for example) work on a 25 measure passage (or 3 minutes or a typical 32 bar song)(field 2) at 60 BPM for 10 times (field 3) then increase by 2 BPM (field 1) for another 10 cycles.

that would help immensely.
GUEST on 1284425814 wrote:
add ability to count eighth and 16th notes. also, make it able to speak, like one e and a, two e and a
david on 1283832513 wrote:
I'm a banjo player and would like to be able to have a metronome that will do the boom chic bounce of Bluegrass with the bass and mandolin chop. Conventional 4/4 and cut time and 3/4 waltz time would be nice with the accented beat and off beat, as well.

A regular metronome won't get it for differentiating the beat and off beat at speed.
GUEST on 1282475934 wrote:

Just had a look at and gave it a go. Exactly what I was looking for!

FYI, I'm a guitar player using it to practice my tremolo. (In that regard, the more beats ar possible, the better)

Thanks for all your excellent work! : )

BestMetronome on 1282464107 wrote:
Hello Guest...
Just look at

It\'s still in testing phase but it works. Just try it!
GUEST on 1282391735 wrote:
Yes, automated acceleration possibilities would be awesome.

P.S. Thanks for the best metronomes on the net!
GUEST on 1282097057 wrote:
Nice metronome. Tamborine would be a great addition.
BestMetronome on 1278876824 wrote:
Ha, ha.

Yes! It would be nice, but I'm almost sure, that I'm not going to make it! It's to far complicated to make. But thanks you very much for your suggestion. Maybe I'll think about that in some future music project!

GUEST on 1278601225 wrote:
I would like to have the possibilty to grab and move the elements on the reproduction music line
GUEST on 1274920610 wrote:
I'd like to see number voices, so I can make it say One two three four One two three four...
GUEST on 1274858510 wrote:
A multi track function would be great for the andvanced metronome. so we can make real drum beats with high hats and bass drum and snare. 3-5 tracks i'd be a happy chappy
GUEST on 1274727799 wrote:
sorry for my english

In my opinion , the avanced metronome is the best in internet, but i would add a botton for increase the time each x time
GUEST on 1272334572 wrote:
I love the advanced metronome, it is by far the best free metronome I have ever used. It's customisable tempo is the best plus. :) My only suggestion is to add triplets or other ways to add that extra flare to the tempo, experimenting with the rests and tempo grows old fast. But like I said, great job!
GUEST on 1269715929 wrote:
and yeah 1 more thing you cannot play hi hat and snare or hi hat and another at same time ........... if its possible to put any two things together it would be great ...... this would help because a drummer has 4 things that he uses and 2 of the things are used frequently ....... so that all
GUEST on 1269715531 wrote:
hi ............
i think putting cymbals would help it so much ..............
thats all .....
thank you
GUEST on 1269701289 wrote:
HI, I SUGGEST TO IMPROVE THE METRONOME BY ADDING 5/4, 7/8 and others... 4/4 is not the only one!

Ciao, io suggerirei di aggiungere dei tempi nuovi, come il 5/4, il 7/8, ecc... il 4/4 non è l'unico!
GUEST on 1269563022 wrote:
it would be nice to have two sound simoultaniously like two tracks metronome .
One for the basic beat and the other for accents.

But anyway its a great tool for practice. Thank you!
GUEST on 1266997002 wrote:
Sorry for my bad english:
addition to cycles in brackets (1-2,10): repeat 1 and 2 to 10 times, including loops that enclose them: ((1-2,10) + (2-3-2-1,3), 4) as for loops and nesting in programming.
GUEST on 1266823391 wrote:
Sorry for my bad english, it is a very good instrument.

- I would suggest you the option to insert symbols in the middle of the other symbols (or drag and drop), not just in the queue.
- sequences to be repeated n times in brackets, eg: (1-2,6).
- if you could find a way to use the lengths of notes and pauses, you could also use it for music theory (solfeggio).

sarahbbright on 1264993136 wrote:
Dear Sir,
can you make a metronome that has consecutive beat pairs, mainly two and then three beats (=5 for simplicity) per measure, i.e., 1-2-1-2-3-1-2-1-2-3 ... in other words, this would work for Bartok's Mikrocosmos, where 5 beats = 80 -or 400bpm, but I'd rather have 160bp-240bpm-160bpm-240bpm... than 400 bpm...if you can...
Raj1 on 1259698080 wrote:

I was wondering if you could add more instruments. Something similar to the list that electric pianos or keyboards use.
GUEST on 1257720556 wrote:
Hea Sir, how about duplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets - would be nice in a preset..
BestMetronome on 1247386877 wrote:
Hi Guest.
Thanks for your post.

Maybe it could be nice to have time signatures, but
one user would like to have bell for first beat and another one prefers synth sound. The same with another beats in bar.

Besides you can easily write your pattern and save it (it takes you about 20 seconds with edit/save button). So if you save your patterns once than you will have them in your "favorites" tab.

GUEST on 1247321149 wrote:
It would be awesome if you have time signatures that you can just click on instead of having to write it out
GUEST on 1246530168 wrote:
Sorry, number 4, thats what i meant... put a link :)

Thanks for the fast response
BestMetronome on 1246529327 wrote:

Thank you for your message. This is a real pleasure for me :)

And now, my answers:

1. I think it's possible. I thinking about that how to make it, because I don't want to create another midi studio :) But I have already some idea. I also have to go to some music store to try this Boss DB-90

2. Second line? At the moment I don't think so... But I will let you know if this going to change.

3. Icons - Yes! This was my first thought a year ago. I have to finally create that. But you know. This is not commercial product so it always takes some time to make each improvement. But I'm going to make it soon.

4. And final one. I don't really know how you could put this site on yours. At the moment there is no such possibility. But it would be really nice if you could put a link to (advanced.)

Thanks and regards.
GUEST on 1246524339 wrote:
I knew I'd forget something...

Can I put your web site on my web site for my students??
GUEST on 1246524081 wrote:

I'm a Jazz Guitarist from Australia. Excuse the pun, (i'm quite serious) this is the best online metronome I've managed to find. Thanks for making it available!

I have a few suggestions...

1. Is it possible to add the ability to add triplets, semi-quavers etc without using rests? kinda like a Boss DB-90? I dont know what it would take from a programing point of view so feel free to say no :)

2. Metric Modulation builds great rhythm skills. Can you add a second line so that we can have multiple time signatures simultaneously? They could both be there all the time, with the second one muted by default?? It may require adding the ability to choose a time signature for each line?

3. Can you use something other than numbers for the different sounds?? Letters or maybe even icons of the sound? Every time I start to input a new line, I see the numbers and my brain wants to explode because its thinking of beat numbers!!

BestMetronome on 1244062766 wrote:
Thank you lou_in_nys for your suggestion. It's quite interesting.
I'll add your suggested features to "wish list" :)
Now, I can say that it can be quite difficult from "technical" point of view.

But I'll surely think about that. And once again thanks for your feedback.

lou_in_nys on 1244061570 wrote:
Just started using the Advanced Metronome and I'm quite impressed with it's features. I'm a percussionist and will use the metronome during hand/wrist warm-up excercises and while practicing drum rudiments. It would be helpful to have a feature that would allow the user to pre-program or set the incremental acceleration and deceleration of the tempo (BPM) by providing him/her with a set of screen prompts to enter the desired starting tempo, the desired number of steps of acceleration and deceleration for the exercise, the desired incremental change (+/-) in tempo (in BPM) for each step, and the duration (in 10 or 15 second increments) at each step of tempo change. Also, an option to loop back or repeat the pre-programmed tempo would add to the value of this feature. Thanks for a great practice tool!
BestMetronome on 1239245585 wrote:
And one more thing. I know that setting 550 BPM and clicking 50 times can be boring but you can still enter the value manually with your keyboard ;).
BestMetronome on 1239244476 wrote:
Ok, thanks for that report.

I'll try to fix that but it's some kind of technical issue. And like I said before, just after Easter I'm going to fix a couple of bugs and add new features. So be patient please :)

By the way, nice to hear that ;)