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I'm proud to announce that message board has started. Feel free to talk with musicians all over the world.

Now you can write posts as a GUEST! No need to sign in! Why writing posts? Of course to improve the website but also to connect with other musicians. Enjoy.

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Now you can write posts in GUEST mode.
Just try it.
This is such post example.
BestMetronome on 1242025444 wrote:
Thanks for your post. It's a real pleasure for me.

What can I say.
Enjoy :)
GUEST on 1242008513 wrote:
New user.
I needed to practice for studio recording a rhythmic mixed meter piece for string quartet with a click track set to 270 or so. My metronome was not up to the task. Figured out how to make advanced metronome do the snare sound. Great clear sound, natural. Very do-able for my acoustic musician ears and classical practicing habits.

Thanks for the ability to quick post feed back. I love to give credit where credit is due, but can't be bothered most of the time, especially online...too complicated, but happy to have the opportunity to say this so easily!

I'll remember this site.

BestMetronome on 1236205353 wrote:
But writing posts as registered user still works of course ;)
GUEST on 1236201921 wrote:
And you can of course write replies also as a Guest.