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Advanced Metronome is FINALLY ONLINE !!!
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Maybe you don't really like it :) but I just let you know that it was a really hard work for me to accomplish this metronome. And maybe there still will be no help from your side :-S But I'm really happy that I've finished this task.

And that's it :D
GUEST on 1266506361 wrote:
i think it's really cool keep up the good work
GUEST on 1254006636 wrote:
Aswome metronome!!! the best online for sure!!!
But it could be better if you realise a "off-line" version :D.

Greate work!!! and the best of all... u are using Java man ;)
GUEST on 1236464387 wrote:
Very good! well done

i strongly advise you to spread ur applications via social media website (facebook, mypsace, digg, youtube etc...)
u can also try this:

hope this helps and good luck


Phone #+442081335295
Skype pseudo: cwar05
BestMetronome on 1236449261 wrote:
Unfortunately it's not possible at the moment.
I planned such application so if there is high demand for an offline metronome I will surely make it.

Thaks for your feedback.
GUEST on 1236416710 wrote:
Thank you much for metronome, it's really the best! Is there some way to save it on local PC, and use then you offline?