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Advanced Metronome - JAVA in your browser
To use Advanced metronome you need JAVA Runtime Environment installed. Most of you already have it so there is no need to do anything, but if you have some problems with JAVA installation, do not hesitate to ask.

I've tested it on Java 1.6.0_11 and it works fine on windows XP.

I've also tested this app on linux and there was some problem with dynamic change of rhytm parameters. And workaround is to press STOP change your params (volume, bpm, or rhytm) and than press START.

If you have some problems with JAVA just write it here.

zannoni96 on 1504619599 wrote:
Guys,I think it would be a great metronome (the advanced one) but it does not work at all. Everybody is having problem with Java. Me too. If somebody is reading this, you should search another site or app to do your things with metronome, because nobody solved this problem and you are going to waste a lot of time as i've done if you try to make it work.

GUEST on 1456529372 wrote:
I'm late to the party, but having the same error message that others have posted regarding Java install (advanced metronome). I followed the link and installed per instructions. I was asked to remove older versions which I allowed. Didn't seem to have a problem with install. Closed out and restarted & tried again with same results. I'm using Chrome and Windows 10. I could not find an answer to the others' questions, but maybe just can't see it.

I've been using the Accessible Metronome for the last few months and it's been great. I'm currently learning electric guitar in my old age and this has been a big help. No biggie, but the Advanced looks so much more interesting. I don't know how you answer these posts, but my e-mail is Name is Larry. Thanks for this free service. I'll see about registering.
GUEST on 1441562609 wrote:
Also for simple metronome:

Still Mac OS 10.7.5 (Perhaps Mac isn\'t supported anyway)
Still Safari 6.1.6 or Firefox 40.0.3

"You need to install Adobe Flash Player"
GUEST on 1441561952 wrote:
Just adding to the chorus.

Mac OS 10.7.5 (Perhaps Mac isn\'t supported anyway)
Safari 6.1.6 or Firefox 40.0.3
Java 1.8.0_60 added to java exception list.

Loading engine. Please wait... FAILED !! To use ADVANCED METRONOME, you need to install Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)
hiccups1980 on 1428517157 wrote:
I have the same problem. Tried Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is really not working. Java works with other sites fine. Only your site is not working.
Simple Metronome works fine. Advanced do not work. :(

Please fix it.
GUEST on 1428450519 wrote:
I have windows 7 pro 32 bit and java 8 40. while trying to use I receive error install java se runtime environment JRE. Please advise on how to solve the issue.
GUEST on 1423937555 wrote:
The Advanced metronome doesn't work!
Please can someone fix this?
GUEST on 1389732502 wrote:
I get a notice that the application is blocked by security settings. using chrome on W7. Never had this problem with firefox.
GUEST on 1365188204 wrote:
I have just a pb with IE9 i have just updated. The Advanced Met doesn't work. i have a message about the lack of java SE runtime environement. With EI7 (and W7 pro),everything worked fine.
It really doesn't matter as with Firefox, all it's OK, but just to have an explanation...
GUEST on 1350562241 wrote:
Hello Guys

the advanced metronome doesnt work with Windows 7 and Java 7. Update 9.

Cheers from Swiss
twcook on 1293388309 wrote:
Ubuntu 10.10 java version "1.6.0_20"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.9.2) (6b20-1.9.2-0ubuntu2)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 19.0-b09, mixed mode)

The Accessible and Simple metronomes work fine. The advanced metronome reports that it cannot load the JRE. This is using both Chrome 8.0.552.224 and Firefox 3.6.13
BestMetronome on 1289566395 wrote:
Thanks kiff.
It's probably some problem with latest Java Runtime Environment. I'm going to fix problems with that next week. Thanks for your info.
kiff on 1288746467 wrote:
kiff again


Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20101026 Firefox/3.6.12 GTB7.1

kiff on 1288746315 wrote:
i am using Win 7 ultimate.
the engine will not load, asking me to install JRE which is installed, both 64 and 32 bit..
so what now?

BestMetronome on 1281359595 wrote:
I've tested advanced metronome on some old version of Google Chrome and it works.

Which version do you use?
BestMetronome on 1281298370 wrote:
1. Remove earplugs ;-)
2. Unplug headphone or put them on ;-)
3. Try another metronome (a, simple)
4. Try another browser

If 4-th step will success just tell me...

Thanks for your post. We will find the problem. Cheers!
GUEST on 1281153095 wrote:
I have Windows Vista Home Premium and I seem to have an issue with the Advanced Metronome. The sound doesn't work, as I'm sure you have guessed. I have tried updating my Java and whatnot but it still doesn't work.
One thing that I found interesting was that when I open up my volume mixer, I can see the green sound tic under my speakers thing which means that there is sound. HOWEVER, the sound icon under the mixer for Google Chrome has no sound tic at all. (Google Chrome is the browser I'm using)
Just thought I would pass this along. And help would be GREAT. :)