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Custom tempo?
How can i choose a higher tempo value?
when I click on a value it disappear...!
Plesa help me, thank you.
GUEST on 1275736717 wrote:

It would be great if you can include an option for program a tempo change. I mean, for example, I want to increase tempo gradually from 100bpm to 120bpm in four compas. Would it be possible? It could be usefull for rythm changes into a tune. Thanks!
BestMetronome on 1263476080 wrote:

1. In advanced metronome there is a boundary 20-6000 bpm.
It's still the biggest range in all metronomes ever ;-)

But if you need to play e.g. 10bpm time, you have to entry rhytm "beat, pause, beat, pause..." in 10bpm
I have created such rhythm for you:

2. In accessible and simple metronomes there is no possibility to break the boundaries.

GUEST on 1263007338 wrote:
Hi, I'd like to know how to choose a SLOWER tempo. I've tried tapping in a custom tempo, but there doesn't seem to be a way to choose it or make it play once it's been succesfully tapped in...??? Thanks
BestMetronome on 1236121863 wrote:
And connla.
What do you think about advanced version ??
connla on 1234717239 wrote:
mmm ok thank you. I'm looking forward for next advanced version :P
I hope I will find this new feature! Cheers from Italy
BestMetronomeCom on 1234487074 wrote:

Thanks for your feedback.

I think that you are talking about "accessible" version of metronome. I can tell you that from technical reasons there is a 30-250 BPM limit there.
So "custom tempo" mode allows you "reading" from song you are playing or sth like that, but limit stays. So if you tap for example 300 bpm there is no possibility to play that.

But don't worry !!!
I can tell you in secret ;) that ADVANCED metronome is on the way. And it should be ready in this or at last next week.